6 most asked questions for weight lose.

Okay I’m here with some most asked question on weight loosing. I’m also a human with plus body. Most of internet suffer I always try to find this question’s answers. Even though my hard I was unable to lose my weight. Diet plan; wait it’s not diet plan, it’s not eating food. Walk, exercise, yoga, wake up early in morning, ugh!! A lot but I always same as same. After lots of body hard work I go through research and proper weight lose plan. Now, what I’m finally on my track. Hope this question’s answer will help you to weight lose plan.
It’s easy to gain weight but can’t lose that gained weight, why?
Every day, people try different ways to lose weight. Some quit eating and some start eating calorie-free foods. Despite all this, people are often depressed when their weight is low.
Anyone who is under stress today due to excess weight. Their weight increases as fast as a salary runs, but slows down the speed of a salary comes. With increasing age, the human body needs extra effort to reduce body weight. As the body’s weight gains, the body begins to produce fat cells.  When we start to lose weight, the cell sticks to our body like a balloon, which is not easily destroyed. When we stop exercising or start eating poorly, the cell immediately activates and fat begins to accumulate in that cell.
Since this activity is so rapid in the body, we should either reduce calorie intake or exercise regularly. If we are not doing both, the body weight will increase instead of decreasing.

Why not lose weight while exercising?
In some cases, even if you work hard, the body does not lose weight. If that is the case, you need not be sad. Normally, by the age of thirty, people begin to lose muscle mass and accumulate fat.
Therefore, it is only at this age that the focus on exercise and dieting begins to diminish the fat accumulated in the body and increase the mucus. Doing so causes the muscle cells to become thick and tight. Therefore, people of this age do not feel that weight is too low even though they may feel different in size.
Need to reduce calorie intake to lose weight?
To lose weight, you should eat healthy foods rather than calorie intake. Although processed foods found in the market today are low in calories, the amount of salt, sugar, and fat is high.
Although the amount of calories in fruits and vegetables rich in various nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, it does not do much harm to the body. Even physicians advise to eat healthy foods rather than processed and calorie intensive foods. It also helps to keep the body healthy, as it reduces the body’s excess weight.
How much time is needed to maintain weight after losing weight?
Experts say that people with a thick body need to exercise at least 90 minutes daily to control their weight. But since this thing is very difficult to apply to us, even if we can exercise for 5 minutes a day to keep the body under control, it is sufficient. In addition, the special vigilance in catering helps much to maintain it.
Does drinking a lot of water reduce weight?
About 70% of the body is made up of water. Just because the body is made of water, drinking water is not enough to control the body’s weight. Other nutrient-rich foods are also needed to keep the body healthy.
Drinking a lot of water will reduce hunger and reduce appetite as your appetite subsides. This applies even to people consuming water instead of consuming sugary drinks, so it is important for a person to avoid excess calorie intake while consuming water.
Does spicy food help to gain weight?
When consumed with food, body temperature suddenly increases for some time. It also increases the heart rate. However, when the vertebrae begin to disappear from the tongue, the body temperature returns to normal. Similarly, the body’s metabolism also begins to normalize. So if you want to lose body weight then you should try to lose weight by eating healthy foods and avoid spicy food.

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