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Keeping the matter in mind causes anxiety. Feels like depressed. What is your wish what is your interest? what is your aspiration? what is your happiness? It is appropriate to discuss this issue openly. When we hide something in our heart, it causes complaints. Complaints bring strife. Makes the self’s life sour. 

Work place matter in one place, household matters are in another place, and family children, relative matter in their own place. While keeping everything organized, we keep our desires and interests hidden. What is on your mind? What you expecting? Know of other have any idea of it.  When we don’t express ourselves, how do other understand the mind? It’s more important when it comes to couple.

The more, couple shares their feelings with each other, the more they open their minds for each other, the more transparent the relationship becomes. Transparent relationships are always deep and cordial. Disbelief, confusion and grievances do not remain. In this way the relationship becomes better.

Another thing is that keeping things hidden in the heart hurts oneself. This is the reason behind many mental problems now. The tendency to not talk openly, to think too much in the mind, eventually leads to mental problems. So, it is important for the couple to talk openly.

Of course, everyone has their own nature. Some speak too much; some do not speak at all. But there is no need to put a wall between husband and wife. No need to keep distance. They talk openly to each other.

We keep some interests and desires limited to ourselves. We never talk about what we wanted to do, what we wanted to be. The partner does not understand your interest. We keep complaining inside. This leads to a rift in the relationship.After getting married, we have to agree on some things. Our responsibilities and obligations are added. Time should be given for husband or wife. There are children, they should be raised. Something must be done for the family.

But, while doing all these things, we do not have to kill our interests and desires. Finding happiness in the family or in the family does not mean losing it. You can fulfill your interests and desires at the same time.

Having said that, he did not take care of such interests which would upset the family balance. Meaningful interest and longing do not break the rhythm of the family, nor does it put oneself in trouble.

You can talk to your partner about your interests and desires. You have to say what you are interested in, what you enjoy doing. Mutual communication is essential. Only when we speak our minds openly do our desires, interests and passions.

It is not appropriate to assume that your partner understands you. Well the partner can understand them-self. But it is best to talk openly.


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