Also a someone’s #WISDOM.

Someone’s Wisdom

But hold on!! Did you ever feel!! your wisdom. ” Your untold, unseen, into you, originally only yours wisdom.

 All the win on scared , so successful failed life, that pain of flash backs.The idea is not to fix it, but to move on. A fresh start, a new beginning is Also a someone’s #WISDOM. In this busy life, and successful search we only think Wisdom is success. But hold on!! Did you ever feel!! your wisdom. ” Your untold, unseen, into you, originally only yours wisdom. In this half robotic era we human pretend as most strong insight of our live. Did you ever sit on a couch with a cup of tea and give for self time. We always go through other lives.

Wisdom word is it self a huge definition. In this global each people each definition have. Here, how our mind is swallow reach people or successful share is Wisdom. 

You know what gives you happiness. We did everything to be happy. And if we are not happy what we doing then we started to seek for happiness elsewhere. It’s my right.Why do I stop running, Why do I stop follow dreams. Something so beautiful, so peaceful, something that is mine. Why do we give up that things we loved just because people criticized our wisdom.Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.If you’re trying to achieve, figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it,that is the possibility we want from the future.

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