Am i okay?

Is everything okay? Having trouble? Is there any pain in the part of you?

As you leave the bed in the morning, your mind begins to formulate plans for the day’s work.
 What to do, who to meet, where to go, all of this is largely decided. Get fresh, have a quick breakfast. Get out of the house. Busy all day long, In the evening you come home with tired life. 
It’s not hard to guess, everything you did during the day, everything you did for your job, career, family, enterprise. These things will never leave your mind, how to earn? How to upgrade to a job? How to increase the scope of the business? How to add a house-watch? How to increase bank balance?
Now think, have you ever done anything for your sake in the meantime? Ever heard of body language running in your heartbeat all day? Everything you possibly did throughout the day was for your own good. However, that does not mean that you gave yourself enough time. Can’t say you’ve heard your body language.
That is, you neglected your body. You hate yourself. You did not value yourself in the affair of work, career and reputation. Yes, this is why the body is being hostile to you. That is, the body is getting tired day by day. Is getting rough, becoming weaker and slowly getting down.
“Now you must interact with your soul. Ask, who am I? What am i doing? What should I do? Am i calm?  Am I satisfied? Am I happy? Am i okay?”

Your spirit will never lie to you. The Spirit will say, ‘You are sad. You are dissatisfied. You are not okay. The answer is also with the Spirit. Sadness, dissatisfaction is not a material lack or inadequacy. It is a mental state. Material things will never make people.  Although happy, being contented means trusting yourself. Believe in yourself. To be sure of yourself. Interact with your soul. Interact with the body. Now you will hear and the sound of the body. The voice of the soul.

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