Because we feel that happiness is in the material realm, which brings us happiness. We don’t need money to be happy.

happiness is the beauty of the world.
We want to get high marks in the exam, want to have a good job, want to be satisfied with material comforts, want our own home, our own car. Relatives, friends and friends want to have a prosperous relationship with all. Why?
Because from all of this we want to find happiness. All our efforts and expectations are the same destination, happiness. In addition, we want have foods, dress well. That means happiness.
Happiness is the power of life and beauty  but where and how is happiness found?  We think money makes happiness. Wealth gives happiness. Yes, it makes our life easier. It solves our problems and problems. Makes life somewhat comfortable. So these are mediums, not sources.
Money will bring happiness, while the wealthiest will be the happiest in the world. While there is no difference in the happiness of the world’s wealthiest and the one who lives on a pavement. Therefore, neither the wealth nor the poor,  the amount of happiness is same. Neither powerful nor weak, happiness is the same. What is even more striking is that happiness is not out of us. We are our own source of happiness. Happiness is not by buying or asking, its immense resources. Really no material, object or achievement is happiness. Not a source of happiness. Happiness is within us.
Happiness is a human behavior, a tendency. We are always on the lookout for happiness. We are also losing happiness in search of happiness. Because we feel that happiness is in the material realm, which brings us happiness.We don’t need money to be happy. No need for ash rum. No need for dessert food. To be happy is to realize that only its source is within itself. When we are happy, cheerful, then the environment around us is also good. . Happiness extends to happiness.
When we are in a state of happiness, our minds are calm. The brain is stable. We are quick It eliminates disorders of the body. Happiness reduces the level of anger, hate. That is, our psyche is washed away.
So we should be happy. The happiness we have with ourselves. We must develop a tendency to be happy with small achievements, even small things. Because happiness is the beauty of the world.

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