Before you move on in living relationship

Break the bond and moving forward in a new way.

The good part is that it is perfect for a wedding. Living with a partner without getting married gives many opportunities to learn more about marital life.. Living in a relationship in a western is no more head. We are not ignorant of ‘live in relationship’. Because to us, such practices are new gaining in popularity and it’s against our society . This practice is considered effective for understanding each other and developing understanding. However, those who believe in traditional beliefs have not been able to digest it. In their view, this is only a means of fulfilling the time pass and physical desire.
Before you move on in living relationship
Your partner must be well-acquainted and understood before living together. Should have a good assessment of sentiment or mood. A good friendship must have existed before living together. Girls need to take special precautions in this matter. Your partner’s love should be felt well. If there is a slight doubt, it is good to separate yourself from the relationship
Sometimes it is common for relationships to be bitter. It brings freshness to the relationship and strengthens the relationship. Sometimes the slightest dissatisfaction can make your partner feel bad if you say the wrong thing. Like, go home, leave, I don’t need you anymore. In anger, keep in mind that the partner has agreed to live together trusting you.
Now the cost is so high that it is not enough for any couple to earn a decent living. So, before making a living in, make a clear plan of how you can distribute expenses
If you choose to live in a relationship for the sake of knowing and understanding your partner, you need to strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally. If the partner does not like the nature of living together, it should be resolved through mutual consideration. In addition, some deficiencies may have to be overlooked because there are no people with weaknesses.
There is no guarantee that marriage will take place immediately after living in together. Relationships can break down at any time between the two. To prepare yourself mentally for this. If your partner is trying to play with feelings or feels betrayed, you need to go to ‘Plan B’. It means break the bond and moving forward in a new way.

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