Beyond imagination

“Our unsaid, unseen bonding is beyond imagination” 

This whole thing is not easy for me as well.

I wish I could have expressed my feelings through word, but I am afraid!!.. The warmth, the remained suppressed had a lot to whisper, but I am afraid!!..

Whenever I speak to him, I feel so alive. When you feel the soul of a person — it is such feelings.  But if there is so much of solace in madness can ever it go wrong? Why there is this string of hope that is apprehensive? I am no more in a mood to line under a longest fear.

Having nothing means nothing to me. It’s you who is everything to me.
I called him!! After one.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six half ring.
Heard sound— hello!!.. How are you?
I’m okay?
Are you at home or…?
Where else would I bet at these hours? — Any things else?
Are you Okay? And why are you getting upset?
It is very easy to let go. Making efforts and staying together is very tough. That this is fate. We won’t be together, if we are mean to be we’ll be together if we want to be. Destiny can be change but Devotion does not end. You know one of my worst fears is that, you are going to leave me.

Always think positively. It’s a matter of mind. Fear has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give. Your fear is just a fear. I am no far from you. “Our unsaid, unseen bonding is beyond imagination” he replied.

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