Black day- Unexpected news

My daddy always very conscious of my over healthy body. Days of after my +2 exams- relief.  At every evening we plan for walk in morning but more often I used to ignore planned plan and continue sleep. But he never cancels it and continued alone.  Middle of his walk he used to called me if I can change my mind and join him.

 I was so engrossed in my morning sleep and ignore daddy’s call and ignored twice. Suddenly mommy knocks the door.  It was an incoming call from my dad’s friend.

“Hello,” he said.

His uncle, on the other side, said, “I , your dad met an accident. He is in hospital. Come soon.”

As soon I ended the call some of my daddy’s came on bike. Mommy started helpless. I just muted. Uncle said; hurry up!! We have to go right night.

Hundreds of people were outside of emergency ward. None of people were allowed enter not even any of us.

Suddenly, I got a sound we kept him in body ward.

 I sat in utter disbelief, shocked and stoned. I did not utter a word. Tears were incessantly streaming from eyes, with the combined shock from the news.

Daddy was a sincere and honest Human Right employee. He was a man of few words and was very friendly but quite strict as well. That might be the reason that all of my siblings I was closer to daddy than mommy. We both were food lover. He was a magnetic guy, and his friends were uncountable. Daddy never had lunch with us of his work but we always dinner together.

 He always bring chocolate day before exams as wishes. It was the last good chocolate I remember. I can’t sleep since long while. Don’t find any morning beautiful. I don’t deserve or even daddy doesn’t deserve this destiny, no of us deserve it.

How could I, you or every one believed it we planned at evening for walk and in the morning daddy is no more.

Now, still people member him, none of people forget daddy. Whenever his friends meet me any where they greet me and said, “He was so good man.”

 I aspire to be like daddy, and no doubt everyone loves daddy because he was so fun to be around, caring, responsible and most importantly filled with love. 

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