Can Beating Child “Get Them Right Way?”

A incident related to my childhood, i was a student of grade 1. One day i was late for my school. My Dad drooped, Dad explains to my teacher why i was late for school. The teacher says- No problem, next time please per-inform us.  My Dad moved to his office. Its may be half of my first class, i was called in office room and asked by the same question why i was late for school, i was quite, i was afraid that i will be punished. And what i was punished. Corporal punishments let me downed. But my family created me the environment where i can share my problems/ suffer.
Can Beating Child “Get Them Right Way?”  Beating is the solution to the problem? Let us meditate once. Why did we beat them? Because they won’t repeat the mistake again. Or will be obedient. They will improve their habits due to fear of being beaten is that so?
Every parent wants their children to obey everything they say.  What do you do if your children disobey you? Most parents agree that their children do not go down without being beaten. But fear, intimidation, and corporal punishment teach a child wrong.
Children feel frustrated and helpless when they are beaten by older ones. This can make them depressed or even aggressive. So we need to be know well about how we want them to do, what we want them to do. Younger children may not realize that their actions or practices are wrong. You need to be patient while explaining. The children always want to please the parent and look happy.
Beating does not solve problems, but makes them sad. Beating up on their children scares them and doesn’t even express their things. When speaking to children, speak in sweet language. Because the language you use in front of them, your children imitate it. Avoid abusive words to your children. Words and language can traumatize a child’s brain as much as beating. Therefore, a parent should not be aggressive on a child’s mistake.
Before blaming or beating your child, you should understand why a child has made such a mistake. Your child should also be thoroughly explained about what they did wrong, how they made a mistake. The cause of the error must be determined and left out.
At home, the basic necessities like cleaning, safety measures, eating, reading, entertaining and bedtime rules should be taught from the beginning. Beating makes children angry, aggressive and angry. They can also cause feelings of fury. Corporal punishment makes it difficult for a child to distinguish between right and wrong. So if you think that beatings are the right way then you are wrong.
If you want your child to be obedient, you too must change some of your habits. Like listening to your children, they need to spend time with them. They should have a positive attitude toward themselves. You need to be thoroughly reminded of what you want them to do and what will happen if they do not. Children should be made aware of all the bad things without beating them with beating or bad speech.

What is good, what is bad? Doing so should clearly explain the consequences. Even if you beat the little things of a child, he or she will learn to beat others.Explaining the reasons why these things are bad explains the child well and never repeats the mistake. It is the duty of the parent to understand the feelings of the children and to fulfill their needs.
Your child cannot handle bad things. Child also begins to distance from their friends, for which and even consider them self alone. Therefore, you should treat your children as friends. Your children should appreciate the good. You have to express how much you love them. Sometimes the offspring’s bad habits should be seen as such and later he should be reminded that the habit is not good.
For this, if children behave badly, they should not be punished immediately. You just have to calm yourself down for a while and talk to them. Multiple beatings may not develop self-control thinking on them. They cannot decide for themselves what is good or bad. They are frustrated that they cannot do the smallest thing.
Naturally, every child makes minor mistakes, but the punishment for wrongdoing is not to beat or misbehave. They should be informed with examples of good and bad. What cannot be beaten can be done with love. Remember, you too have made a mistake in your childhood. So from today treat your children as friends, so that they do not have to make mistakes or if then create a environment where they can accept and share their mistakes.

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