Cut own minds off others

After all, what is the benefit? What is the purpose of such a thing?
It is rare to talk about person good side, success, progress, ability, etc. Instead, weak side is dug, failures are discussed, and shortcomings are debated. Tends to say bad things to someone in his/her absence. It is a personal instinct. Often people have this kind of tendency. When friends, relatives, co-workers meet, they talk to each other about the person who has not been present.
When we are cutting down on what others say, does person aim to improve on those things? Or does person will expose faults?
There is usually no meaning and benefit to cutting off others. But we have a tendency to cut down on others. This is a psychological problem. Often, if a person finds pleasure in the weaknesses, negatives of others, then it is psychological problem. people try to make themselves look good by discussing the faults of others.  People enjoy it by digging into others’ faults, discussing weaknesses, when there is jealousy, anger toward that person. This means that people talk to others about the frustration lost in their hearts.
Talking negatively to others leads people to the illusion that they are good. This delusion satisfies him momentarily. We use a lot of energy to discover the smallest mistakes, weaknesses of others. Get excited What are your weaknesses? What’s wrong with others? What are worst aspects? We are, of course, interested in such matters.
This is not only wrong, but also illegal and uncivilized. We do not know what the person is in that situation .What is he/she doing, why? We are just having fun talking about him/her for our enjoyment. It is also against etiquette.
As we think, we have a right to our personal life. In the same way, we do not have the right to misinterpret and propagate wrongly about others’ private lives. We forget our boundaries, our duties, our dignity, and we cut our minds off others. If any of our actions offend the dignity, independence, dignity of others, then it is a crime. Is a sin. Is inhumane.

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