Difficult to deal with peer pressure – Say ‘No’

As you grow older, you will face many difficult decisions, some of which can have consequences. Sometimes the right answer is won’t clear and we must learn to make the right decision. We are always surrounded by people of who influence our decisions making, no matter what age we are. Usually you choose friends because you have similar interests, but make sure that you have same values.  Listen to peer pressure; it is supported by good and bad people.

Positive peer pressure

The peer pressure is not always bad. It helps you to analyze yourself and to reflect on your lifestyle. Some actions people follow will teach you how to live and you can change it for the better.  If you want to make choices, peer pressure can make a positive difference in your lifestyle. You will understand the situation around you. Peer pressure gives you a chance to think about the life they want and their perspective and it gives you the opportunity to make the most choices.  Peer pressure can lead you to make the right choices in life.

 Negative peer pressure

Making a person feel bad for not doing something, so that they will eventually. The various moments when you have been negatively influenced by your friends. You may not like sharing every weekend, you may hate drinking or smoking, but peer pressure can do everything you want it to do. Peer pressure can lead to loss of identity.You will drop your taste, clothes, hair, music and lifestyle and loses the original way of life.

Difficult to deal with peer pressure – Say  ‘No’

Pay attention to how you are feeling and beliefs about what is right and wrong. Understand your own values and beliefs, have confidence, choose your partner wisely, make excuses – tell us how you feel. No should always mean no, it is important to be clear and firm that the answer is no.
Even if you are having trouble coping with other people’s pressures. Talk to parents, teachers, or counselors can make feel better about saying no and prepare you for the next time you’re faced with a difficult decision.

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