“Envy is the uplift of others, anger over success.”


We are saddened by the failures, the poverty, the lack of others. But, what makes it even more sad is the progress and success of others. Jealousy is a human nature and tendency. This is the nature of every person. It’s a natural thing. Jealousy give people two kinds of results. One positive, the other negative. Jealousy itself can become a medium of progress and improvement. Seeing the success of others, the enthusiasm of others, makes them want to do the same. It does not allow people to escape. They also try to do something, despite their appearance. This type of jealousy is what motivates people to move forward.
There is another type of jealousy, which burns itself out. Seeing the success of others, the happiness of others, the advancement of others, we shrink into ourselves. Let burn inside ourselves. Our heart burns.This kind of jealousy destroys ourselves, not others. Jealousy, which is an inborn human tendency. The same jealousy that motivates us to grow as others do.The same jealousy that burns us inside.
“Envy is the uplift of others, anger over success.
The second kind of jealousy is terrible. And, often people have similar disorders in themselves. We think of it as jealousy rather than jealousy. Envy is the uplift of others, anger over success.The more positive qualities and tendencies we have, the less negative we are. There are some people who are not just full of positive qualities. People have envy, jealousy, fear, anger, passion, greed, hatred. All of this becomes a disorder when we have more sewage.
If we are to control and manage these disorders within ourselves, it will give us positive, not negative. Just as any garbage can be converted to waste, it can be converted into renewable energy. Therefore, it is better to manage the disorder in our heart than to completely deny it. However, the more such disorders accumulate inside us, the more we consume these disorders, the more we become contaminated. We keep getting polluted inside. And, that starts to manifest in our behavior. We are rude, boisterous, chaotic. It is ultimately about destroying oneself, not others.
There are some people who talk down to others. The subject of others’ mood, status, appearance, style of dress, financial status, family status etc. On the contrary, it shows that has a terrible mental disorder. The person is burned inside. They are overwhelmed with anger. That is why we despises others. In this way, we comforted our own heart by humiliating others.

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