“Every person has a Buddha. And, every person Has Hitler in own.”

Arouse compassion-the world 
will look beautiful

The life itself; that is. The life we are in is to be built accordingly. If we are evil, greedy, violent, adulterous, jealous, our life will not be Arouse. Not happy in our living, there is no love in our built life. Instead, it will be filled with despair, fear, frustration, anger, greed. Such a life can also be described as hell folk.
Which folk to enter? Which people live in?  We can determine for ourselves. What is the downside of having a bragging fight? What kind of war are we trying to win? How long will we continue to fight? What are its achievements? Until we get to the point of death, we will not find the answer. Because it’s an endless war. The fight for jealousy, pride, and greed will never end. The other truth is, it never gives a positive result.
We say, of course, #evilgod takes us to hell folk. That scary and cruel #evilgod is inside us. The hatred, ego, arrogance, greed, temptation, envy, anger, jealousy, lust within us is the very element that leads us to hell.
“Every person has a Buddha. And, every person
 Has Hitler in own.”
Every person has a Buddha. And, every person has Hitler in own. Every person has compassion, love and affection. Likewise, there is greed, temptation, and envy in every person. Both these sub-elements and the sub-elements dwell in the mind. Reigns in the mind now, who to keep in mind and whom to exclude. That’s all we need to know. The greed, the jealousy, the conceit within the heart should be excluded as much as possible. When these elements are separated from the mind, the body becomes pure. It is also a method of purification.
After purifying the mind there is a source to be found. That the source of compassion. Belong to the root of that kind of compassion must be dissipated within the mind. The mind should irrigate with compassion. Then we become compassionate. Our heart melts in the suffering of some, the suffering of others, the lack of some, and the problems of others. The root of compassion within one’s heart is to make the mind green. In such a heart there is kindness, dedication, sacrifice, honesty.
When purified of heart, filled with compassion, we can become friends with all. We all feel like a Nobody is Barry. No one is an enemy. Nobody is competitive. Then pride, jealousy and jealousy do not arise in us.
How warmly does a mother touch a baby playing in her arms? How much love does she bring up? How much affection is embraced? In this way, the world is seen and understood by its compassionate spirit, and then everyone will feel it. And, we all start to love. Our jealousy, self-pity, will go away. There should be compassion in the heart. The spirit of friendship should be aroused. The world will feel its own. The world will look beautiful.
Why are we angry? Why are you hostile? Why are you arguing? Because the negative elements are happening to us. Those negative elements always seek to subdue us. We seek to suppress and transcend the good elements within us. All the time, we have such a paradox. But we have the key to winning and losing. When we exclude the bad elements within ourselves, we develop a sense of compassion and friendship. It will make us happy and happy.

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