Family rituals

“Still the remembrance is so fresh when my mom says- its Saturday; wake up, take bath we are going to Temple.” Do you remember your childhood while you were doing these things? At those days I was only excited for visiting temple. Even after my parent’s background belongs from Hindu religion, they used to make me and my siblings visit to Gumba, Church, Masjid, Gurudwara. At those days we siblings were got ready as fast s we can, we thought we were visiting new places. My family better did us to understanding family rituals and societies too.
In these rushing hours none of people have much time to visit these places. If anyone of us then all of these actions may seem overwhelming to us. Feeling hypocritical, sounds ancient. To keep ourselves in the modern and educated class, we do not feel it necessary to worship. But, did you all know what? If anything we are facing or in trouble we firstly give our voice to “God”

To make the mind positive and make the heart thankful, purify your mind and create such positive emotions, you will develop a religious attitude. Religious tendency is not about devotion to God in appearance, but in the development of human emotion. Awakening mercy, love, compassion. Positive attitude is to become. To be in a calm and gentle state.
We need to get children involved in family rituals from an early age. We also need to get kids involved in these things. They understand the rites of their families. More than that, they themselves will also benefit directly develops attachments to other people; learn to respect people, finding respect more valuable. But while you are making touch of ritual to you children, you most need to give scientific answers to the importance and benefits.

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