Feel is still in aroma of autumn for him

Autumn is also known as the fall, in which Thanksgiving season. Fall is my favorite season. Who doesn’t enjoy observing the leaves from the trees and plants changing into multi-colored works of art before finally falling away. But I have another reason to love fall more. The fall where I fall for him. These thanks giving season gives me a lot. It is a season where everything seems to be just on the brink of happening, where the chill feels like it might become unpleasant right until the moment where you step into a patch of sunlight. Just as a blink happening to me for him, brings with it the promise of increasingly unmanageable coldness, and the longest touch of his to me, twisted feelings, it is the pause just before the leap where I realize how beautiful all the things are. As the day like autumn goes by  I decided to move to him, the fall  grab everything what is  seeing, preserve the moments of grounded leaves blowing in the wind as I blows toward him. Maybe that’s the best part.

That sun was so perfect, the wind was so cold, and the feel is still in aroma of  autumn for him. As autumn shades I’m addicted to his shades. That sun follows his fall is around me walk through the park, as i go about my daily errands that in any other weather would feel somewhat oppressive It is the season where everyone falls in love, and not just with other people. It is the season where your surroundings all become a painting, something whose natural beauty you finally appreciate and understand in a way you never had before. You fall in love with curling up under a blanket and holding a mug of cider with hands that just barely poke out from under the wool. You fall in love with the feeling of walking out the front door and touch you autumn sun. You feel like the version of yourself you always love the most. And it’s the season where everything are just now waking up. As everyone’s fall story, I too have fall story. Which here I shared a little of it.

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