Frustration tends to be more for women than men.

Frustration is one of the many common diseases in the world. There are 40 million people in the world with mental illness. Out of which 10 million have problems with frustration. Frustration is the reason for 90% of suicides worldwide. Frustration tends to be more for women than men. It is characteristic of the heart to be not happy and to be sad at a moment. Occasionally, such symptoms should be taken as usual. However, if the signs of sadness are more than 6 weeks, then they need to be considered as a problem. So that makes things more sad. Not doing such activities or work is good.
People have different reasons for going to frustration. Unemployment, regular failures, and love treats make people go to frustration. If there is frustration the mind is not happy, can’t focus, staying angry, sexual desire goes down, confidence gets worse, doubt on trust, body will be heavy, sore,  symptoms appear to dislike staying with friends.
Patients are uncomfortable with work and their pain is painful. There are problems such as dislikes to eat, various problems in the stomach, heavy body, lack of focus. Frustration is a little more complicated. In this situation, a person who has negative thoughts, always feels lonely, seems to have nothing to do with plan. At this stage, a person even commits suicide. Frustration may also be cured by psychologist consultation or medication.
If your heart is not happy, then you need to find a way to be happy. Making habits such as talking to a partner, eating on time, sleeping completely, listening to music, walking, doing yoga. Doing so helps with happiness and keeping busy. Even if such activities do not calm the mind, it is important to go to a psychiatrist or physician. After psychotherapy or medication, you can get rid of frostbite.

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