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Personal space
Life is complicated and brings with it both beautiful and horrible experiences. The experiences that we have shaped our world, our personality, the way we affect things, the way we interact with people, how we trust, and how we act.
I say firstly, while experiencing the whole thing its horrible to people who grab my #personal_space. I feel like I can make a new shape face of them. Did you know one truth, why people start grab our personal space? Its we give our-self that much freedom. “Yeah !! we our-self” You know how? Let me explain how-if any of these sounds familiar, then you, like many, many other people all over the world, may have no need to deal with your personal space. We feel they understand us and open all the doors for them.
We don’t even think person space is such a serious and significant issue. It seems to me that concerns about boundary crossing have become greater than usual.

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