How Do I Control My Anger?

What Is Anger?
Anger is one of the basic human emotions, just as basic as happiness, sadness, anxiety, and hate. Anger is a shared reaction to experiences that frustrate or threaten. It can be a secondary response to sadness, loneliness or fear. These emotions are rooted in a fundamental existence and were honored over a long course in human history. Anger is related to the “fight, flight, or stabilize” response of the sympathetic nervous system; It prepares for human combat.
 Anger is linked to human sensation. If anger cannot be controlled it can be a big accident. Anger’s actions can lead to remorse. Then you need to find ways to calm the impulse and control it.

How Do I Control My Anger?

1. Take a deep breath
Anger starts breathing faster. When you are angry, slowly take a deep breath and release it. Repeat it for 10 rounds. See anger is calm.
2. Count down numbers
If you are angry, countdown numbers. I sound wired but do try. I work and those numbers are slowly dying out your anger.
3. Give a walk for self
Exercise can control the muscles and reduce anger. Make a walking habit, bike, or play some sports. Keep your organs active. It improves body and mind.
4. Speak about what you like
Speaks doesn’t meant to loud your feelings .What cannot be said can certainly be written. Right?  Write down how you feel when you are angry and how you want to react. Writing makes in your mind calm.
5. Share your feelings with a friend
Do not overlook anger. Share your conversation with your trusted and supportive partner, which brings a new turn to your dissatisfaction.
6. Stretch your body
Another wired sounds around, but If you are angry, raise your neck and throat. One can be do in yoga postures, which control the body and emotions. No need to do anything else.
7. Get out of the mood
Sit quietly in a room, close your eyes and imagine yourself relaxed. Think of …. where is the lake, the depth of water, the sound of birds, If you feel these scenes without blinking your eyes, anger will die quickly.
8. Listen to the song
Who doesn’t like music? Mood is on when listening to a good song. When you are angry, listen to your favorite song and relax your emotions. Level up sound, have mood to fresh, reduce your anxiety.
9. Shut up
In hot rage, when people start talking fluently, it is not good to hurt yourself. Even if you say a few words when you are angry it turns so big.  Silence in this way gives you time to distinguish right or wrong.
10. Leave yourself alone
What could be worse than a bad mood? Discover your things to calm your anger, like what you like to do. Give yourself time to be different. From this point you can go back to normal, calm down. You can apply it as a daily routine.


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