In all of these things, we must adjust to the rhythm of our lives

what you had to do to accomplish your dreams, goals, aspirations?

No need to go too far how your yesterday’s day was? Remember that. In the morning woke up and play with mobile. Suddenly out from your bed and do all thing in rush to reach your work place on time. You have many plans for family, relatives, friends, holiday, festival and so on. the politics of the country to your own personal affairs became your subject. 
Here is your day.
Now remember, what did you do most importantly yesterday? Did the last 6 hours of your day really matter to you?
Has anything else been done other than spending the day, cooking, working, meeting people? You probably counted on this. For years your days have been like this. In the meantime you spend your time on activities like only roaming. You didn’t do anything that you had to do except spend time and you didn’t have to do what you had to do to accomplish your dreams, goals, aspirations.
Time is not in our power, not even days, hours, minutes, seconds, and every moment. Never again will we have that moment which we all pass through. Do we have to pace ourselves with the time we have to move in this way, or do we live in one place? We always used to say, time is valuable and it will never come back. But, in practice, we are devaluing those times the most. Understanding the value of time, we do not practice speeding accordingly.
Instead, we waste time on unnecessary interruptions, unnecessary conflicts, unnecessary and distractions. Yes, we cannot spend mathematical life. The value and recognition of human life is different. We have a society. Have family, have friends, the desire for life. In all of these things, we must adjust to the rhythm of our lives. However, it does not make much sense to waste unnecessary time on family, society and friends. Spend time with your family, friends but be aware that it must be quality. Think of it as meaningful.
“Remember your age when you are dealing with unnecessary interruptions. Remember your goals and dreams. Remember the value of your life.
Calculate the average time of life from your age. How many years do you live Suppose you now live for 3, 5 or 6 years. In it you will spend half the time asleep. The rest of your time will be spent on food, toilets, bathing, relaxing, chatting, traveling, festivals. Going to the hospital, lying on the bed, is going to take a long. After counting the time in your life, you will be greeted with awe, ‘Hey, I have dreams like that. But, how much less time? Could I have accomplished so many dreams in such a short time?

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