Isn’t it enough to laugh?

Really, how much did you laugh all day long? How did you laugh? What subject made you laugh? Think of it this way, how many times throughout the day did you get angry? How many times did it fall? How often have you been depressed? How often did you get discouraged?

Perhaps you were more depressed and frustrated during the day, the amount of time you laughed, the time you spent. Did you become sad and anxious? Do you become angry and aggressive?
Often the longer we have the joy, the excitement, the more time we have the sadness, the frustration, the anxiety, the anger, the humility. That is why defiance does not make us smile. Rather, it is frustrating.
 Only a smile can be seen on one’s lips. Somebody’s laughing is a laugh too. Some laugh out loud. Some laugh out loud. Some make a good laugh. How is your smile
Think, when you laugh freely, anger run, fear stress disappear, sadness subside. When you laugh freely, it has a direct effect on the heart. Heart function is easy. Blood flow is smooth. Such laughter also increases the flow of fresh oxygen to your lungs.
All these answers you must seek within yourself, not with others. You are the main culprit in losing your smile. The reason you lose the smile on your lips is accusing yourself can make you feel tired. But, it’s true. The truth is bitter.
Think about what it means to laugh at ourselves. What does it cost? What is destroyed? Is it a waste? Isn’t it enough to laugh?
Yes, we have problems, scarcity, and suffering. Remembering these things makes us cry more than laugh. But weeping, grieving, and being sad are no compromises. Our mental state does not make any material compromise. We are so depressed and depressed that it solves a big problem.
There are seven billion people in the world. There are none of them who have no problems in their lives. Being sad is not the solution to the problem. This raises more problems. 

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