judgement is only own inner satisfaction.

Judgmental trap

A week before i was on the way to Lucknow India. The season of monsoon, roads are so busy. I always prefer window seat and luckily got what i expected. When we reached near Baraharich bus operator stop the bus and send his bus helper to shop to buy #GUTKAA (this what sound hit my ear) and may be other things. The bus was there for around 7-8 min. Suddunly my eyes stop on #Sadhu who totally cover her body by orange color cloths full print of ॐ and he carried what all sadhus carry. He was standing in front of shop what i saw is that he beat dog which is sitting near to him. He again repeated this. Now what !! my mind suddenly runs for judgment. In that few minutes my mind judge him like how cruel he is, he have no mercury, its raining the dog also need some place to make itself safe. May he called himself sadhu but i am not seeing any qualities of it in him. ” Then suddenly what i saw that sadhu put down some biscuits. The dog didn’t saw he was just trying to make dog to feed.
In every daily life, in small talk, arguments or in any thing every people are in trap of judgement. we judge what we see but we don’t even make a tiny try to understand why or how its happens. We started thinking peoples character by our own way. But remember what we judge, think of other its not they its our own character and its fact what we judge is not for other its own character/thinking capacity’s judgments.
Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” – Wayne Dyer
How beautifully he described thousand explanation/examples in one line. judgement is only own inner satisfaction. Don’t go by rumors or what you see, before giving opinion know the both side story.

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