Money can weaken any strong relationship.

Love and trust are essential in any relationship(family, relatives, friends). In a relationship where there is no love or belief, the relationship does not last long.  But now a day’s relationship between wealth and money has begun to compare. Money hurts mutual love and trust, helps one to doubt and distance each other.

To strengthen any relationship, mutual love and trust are needed. But money hurts mutual love, love and trust. So if money comes in the middle of any relationship, it starts to get cold. Money can weaken any strong relationship. Money makes every person vulnerable. It is money that induces greed and teaches us to betray ourselves. Even today, many cases are heard in the court of money matter. In a relationship where sweetness is sometimes filled with money, it causes dissatisfaction and leads to a court of law.

The question of what is more important in money and relationships may arise. To give more importance to money is to create distance in the relationship. Whenever a friend or relative asks for money loan in difficult situations, it is difficult to say no. In such situations, the question of whether or not to value money is a serious issue. The person who values ​​money too much looks at his life and society. But the transaction of money according to time and circumstance is good in conscience.

In all cases, it may not be true that money brings dissatisfaction in the relationship. Money only worsens the situation in which a person’s destiny is changed or his mind is changed for money. Sometimes the circumstances are not favorable; it is time to pay off the loan when there is no money in hand. So some patience is also needed.

If money is the reason for the coldness in the relationship, it should be taken seriously. Money causes many problems not only financially but also mentally.

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