most worlds are connected by virtual friendship

No doubt, most worlds are connected by virtual friendship. There are a large number of friends connected through social media evens those who may not have known in real life.
Don’t rely on the Internet or social to chat with your virtual friends. It is possible to become addicted without knowing it, which can be fatal. In some cases, though social media friends may be annoying or lonely when it comes to not being online.  Being too close to a virtual partner is not true, in which all of your privacy may leaked. Think before sharing your private talk, private photos, thoughts, etc. Is that the same thing that will bother you tomorrow? There is a high likelihood that your name, photo will be misused.
As you become more involved with virtual friends, you become addicted. You have the habit of talking to them, having fun. It can affect your social and family life. In this case your personal life may be adversely affected. You start to feel more and more interested in virtual life. For your personal life, the things you need to learn, understand are obscured.
You do not have to know the truth about a virtual partner’s real life. They may be playing with your emotions. As a result, you are likely to become mentally ill.
That’s why try to out from your blur imagination and try to catch real one, real things which makes you feel that you are a real too.

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