My Miracle; your fragrance

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“May you call it Hallucination but it exists!”
My world, our world is nothing like the world he lives in. Our worlds are poles apart. Maybe that is why we haven’t really met. We don’t know each other. But I know that he exists. 
I first met him a decade ago, and after a long ago met again, a time when I had been devastated. It was a difficult, strenuous time, when I had come to lose a lot of things, including a part of myself. And I didn’t even know what I was missing. Since then, I was never the old happy me. It always felt like I had a hole—an emptiness—in me and through it I was slowly slipping away from who I was, and from what I thought was reality. But getting to know him changed everything. He was the reason I could go on with my life and his company that saved me. 
He lives in a world full of happiness. This was crazy. Maybe his fantasy had finally come to me.  I am madly in love with him. The feeling, though fleeting, was refreshing, something very like anything that I hadn’t experienced before. The perfumy rounds make out of mind.  Air tastes like cotton candy, it just melts in your mouth. Water tastes as if it were straight from a arm of the sea. Gentle breeze, starry sky and bright moon welcome the night. The soft sound of cicadas is ever present.  “May you call it Hallucination but it exists!” All this happened in slow motion. It was like he spraying, like he knew I am insane and knew that I was there to lost, even though he is blanked about it and that he didn’t know I am mad as off nut. The aroma  he gave me haunts me more than the vivid dreams or nightmares that I have almost every day. Those fragrance, those eyes and his voice had felt familiar from the very first day. It felt as if I had known him since the beginning of time and the thing that I was missing from my life was him. When I am with him, the emptiness is filled.
Believer believes that the more similar the two worlds are, the people get stuck with each other for longer time. Maybe, we two are more than similar which is why I am drawn to aroma. Probably we won’t have to speak anything, as my eyes would show him everything that needs to be said. And perhaps the rainbow  and where the birds sing of peace explain and perfumy madness which I can’t.

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