Mysterious or open book?

It is our intimacy with everyone that makes it easier for us to live.  Relationships are not just with a friend, but with family, relatives, love, coworker and all.  Everyone has to be comfortable. How can a relationship be smooth? In it, our attitudes and behaviors are key. The more we are sociable, softer, more comfortable, more supportive, more positive it will be.

When it comes to relationships, transparency matters. Some say, ‘I am an open book, which anyone can read. When we are open, clear, transparent, others are said to be attracted to us. On the other hand, it is said that the being of mysterious is also quality.
“Mysterious or open book? How transparent will be you? How much is to open?”
Well, these things seem normal to us. That is, we don’t think it matters much to whom, how much to open, how much to be privy to. When it comes to practical life these things are very important. There are times in life when the question arises as to how much transparency we should have in the matter of relationships. There are some things in life that should be openly communicated to anyone, and it should be kept confidential with anyone. You need to be clear about who you talk to in your life.
What kind of relationship and how much transparency do we need to have in the relationship?
Openly share with your spouse all the things connected with your life. It is important to keep in mind that spouses are involved in your life. So do not say things about your past that cause doubt for the tomorrow.
 When we are friends with someone, we need to talk a little more openly to advance. To some extent this is okay, but after opening a lot, you need to first understand. Talk to your friends not only about the issues you have trusted with in your personal life but also tell them everything that you have to do with your finances. With them you can do light things that are connected. Don’t forget that some things are very private that you don’t have to share with anyone.
There are some issues in business life where transparency is very important. If no new colleagues are yet aware of the rules attached to the office’s procedures, you should fully support them in this matter. Don’t talk about personal life in the workplace. In the same way, do not talk too much about the problems associated with the office with your partner or other family members when you go home.
So, Open book? Mysterious? Or Balanced Transparency?

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