Nature will never give up its karma

 Even in nature our life
 has a special relationship with
 the microbes not visible to our eyes.

School, University, Book, Library, Guru these are not enough to learn and teach in our lives. But when we talk about learning, knowing, understanding, we think of school. Remember the book. Remember the teacher.
The largest university is the soil on which we stand. From nature we can read life’s valuable lessons. You can understand the meaning of life. You can experience the sweetness and aroma of life. Nature is truly an open book. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge and conscience.
Think once, if the flowers did not blossom? If here is not greenery? What if colors didn’t exist?
Suppose the world were black and white. What if the world turned black and white? We would not enjoy the colorful scenes. The world was desolate and depressed. Colorful flowers bloom, trees are green, All these scenes have made us remember. It means nature has given us enthusiasm. Why don’t we develop this quality of nature in ourselves? We are meant to be complementary to each other. The pasture world is for us and we are for them. So we have to live in harmony with nature.
We think I am alone in my life. I live alone, I can live alone. However, this is not possible. Trees, flowers, insects, snakes, frogs are all our friends. It is possible to live our lives with all hands. Even in nature our life has a special relationship with the microbes not visible to our eyes. So we are to live untidily, not separation from nature. We cannot just be ourselves. We cannot live on our own. This means that whatever lives in nature, they have lived for us. We have to deal with everyone, we must have a proper relationship.
Nature will never give up its karma. We sometimes give up our karma. However, nature never does such dishonesty. Nature gives more than it takes. From nature we get oxygen, which lives in our souls. Nature provides us with food, which sustains our lives. Nature gives us fruits, which gives us taste and health. Nature itself is the giver. Nature has unselfishly and wholeheartedly given us something. 
What we can learn from this is that we too can catch the rhythm of our lives. Must be able to catch the pace of your life. Only then can we live a meaningful life.
The usual thing, like time, speed, persistence. This is what nature tells us. As the sun rises every day, the sun goes down every day. Day after night comes,  night after day. It rains, In winter, the atmosphere is cold. These are regular procedures. And, this process has been going on and on for centuries. According to the annual cycle, everything is in its rhythm and pace.
But, do we live so heartily for others? Do we live a life dedicated to others? But; We are roaming the streets of alone. Think once!!

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