not actually anti-social.”

How much anti-social?

You are not ambitious. Not very talkative. Can’t easily mix with others. Not too shine. Are you antisocial? Are you weak, Are you curious, Are you serious , Of course not !!. These behaviors are not bad in themselves. Nor does it show that you are weak. Some people don’t like the frills. It is uncomfortable to stay in the crowd. They are solitary. They may even be shy. Can be introverted. They are about to enjoy themselves in their own world.

No one has the habit of jumping, dancing, drinking. Similarly, they cannot stay all night out. Then some have similar physical problems. Some have family pressure. When friends prepare for a gathering somewhere, they do not attend such a gathering. Such people are rejected by their friends by tagging ‘anti-social’, ‘not mixing’, ‘incompatible’ with their friends.

This is how their nature is. That is what tends to be. From a friend’s point of view, it may show a lack of weakness. However, from his point of view, there are weaknesses in their friends.Exactly how many people are introverted. Can’t mix with many. Though they are thoughtful. Calm down They don’t want to spend the night with others. Having this kind of nature is not a problem. Not a trait.That’s the quality.

“Staying home talking necessarily only is not
 actually anti-social.”

Such people are responsible for the family. Are sensitive, take care of time.The second person does not have to agree on what we think, what we do. We all have  own nature, own control. In fact, being introverted is also a good quality. They are a delight to be alone.Staying hometalking necessarily only is not actually anti-social. Such people are sensitive and responsible in any work.

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