Often we are expressing our grievances to others

More complaining habits affect our personality.
There is a tendency to complain. There is something wrong with everything. Often we are expressing our grievances to others. There are several ways to express a complaint. Like crying, knocking, arguing, screaming all these ways reflect negativity. The tendency to complain is not good in itself. The more we complain, the more we develop ultimately, our complain habit.
In fact, complaint is not a solution. When you complain about something, it does not solve your problem rather it has side effects.More complaining habits affect our personality. There are some things that you are not satisfied with. Some things just don’t seem right to you. However, there are other ways to respond. You don’t have to complain. For example, you are being wronged in the office. You are having an emotional upset at your workplace. This is not to say that they must endure. You have to raise your voice against these things. Have to fight Proper and logical methods must be followed. But, complaining does not eliminate the mistreatment and discrimination you have.
In some cases, while you are complaining repeatedly, the attitude of others toward you can be bad. They will understand that you are a person with a dissatisfied mindset. You are not satisfied with anything. And, it is your habit to complain. When complaining, it really transforms into a habit.  So this kind of tendency can cause us problems.
Complaints can usually be one way to manage our stress. We complain about something we are not satisfied with. The inner goal of complaining is to get the help of others. When complaining, we make ourselves suffer. In fact, complaining is also a weak defense of self-defense. Many of us cannot admit that we have made a mistake. We too have some weaknesses. By complaining, we find a good excuse to deny our wrongdoing.
As the tendency to complain develops, one also loses confidence. Can’t respond immediately to anything.Can’t say no to things that don’t make you happy. It can cause them anxiety, stress or depression.Complaining habits make people stressful. Negative emotions continue to grow. Pessimistic thinking develops.
Complaining habits can have a detrimental effect on a part of our brain, which is linked to memory. The brain and body are inter-connected; the body can withstand stress for up . But if excessive it hurts the body. It kills our happiness and excitement.
Thus, the habit of complaining eventually destroys oneself. Complaining is not a solution.

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