Old age or old mind?

Your perfect boring time was 40’s or 50’s, you born too late. May be you are at wrong era. If you don’t like you don’t do but please I’m at perfect era generation nor to early nor too late. Look at you’re your mindset it’s older than our grandma. As in compare she is younger in mind.  My friend sister’s argues. In fact it’s their regular routine of fight on these issues. And Yeah!! I’m full convinced with her sister.
” Old age or old mind? “

This argument is very relevant. It is said that being older is not the same as passing of age. Instead, it is responsible for thinking. Sooner or later, our thoughts turn to old age. Some of us think that we are old. When age or body does not indicate that.
The essence of statement is that, being young does not mean that what is your age is. Young and old have no special sign. Young people are the ones who are always active, eager to learn new things. The one who has enthusiasm, passionate, energetic and eagerness is the same young man. That is, it is a matter of mentality over age. Some people are old but not young. Some stay young even at an older age. Recently, scientists have brought this fact to the surface.
“If so, do we think of ourselves as being older than we really are, young?”
Now, bofin is studying this mindset. This study has brought some interesting things to the surface. The age at which we dress ourselves is deeply rooted in our good or bad performance.
The effects of age loss cannot be overstated. The younger we are treated, the more it affects our health. What are the psychological, social, and biological factors that make a person feel young or old?
So this age-related study is not new. Some sort of separate study took place between the years 1970 to 1980. However, over the past ten years, its efforts have been more vigorous. Recent studies have revealed that for what age, our thinking affects our personality.
As everyone knows, as people get older, people calm down. Avoid using new ideas, risk. When young people are more inclined to take risks. Get more excited for new ones
However, age deflation suggests that even those who consider themselves young are becoming more honest with increasing age. Can control mind. This quality comes automatically as we aged. As people aged more and more, their behavior become calm.
What it means is that a person, who is young in heart, does not mean that remains rigid. However, with increasing age, a person who finds young has no fear of depression. Immune system is strong. They do not suffer from forgetfulness and disease sucks.
If people are depressed, brains are weak, can’t remember anything well, think they are getting old. If so,  health would be adversely affected. People who are older than their true age are actually getting older and are being sucked into a variety of diseases.
Overall, what’s you aged, your thoughts make a big difference. The younger you are, the younger you really are. If you think you are old, then surely you will grow old.

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