Only then is civilization reflected.

The rich, lot of education, high level employees, different. While all these things are only meaningful when we are civilized. Talking of civilization, we begin to follow the lifestyle of the advanced countries. We like to wear banded clothes, used new technology, expensive restaurants and menu, branded shop. That is, to indulge oneself in enjoyment.
But does being polite mean being lean? Wear expensive clothes? Have dinner at a gourmet restaurant? Move to location?
Civilization is something that is connected with culture. It is about being united with human behavior and emotions. Being civilized means not only being well-educated, but also engaging in small human affairs. Self-discipline is to be followed.
We may also suffer because of someone screaming or shouting loudly at us. In this way, the unhappy character of hurting others, causing them pain and suffering.
We have to be careful whether we act or not, at all, when we act or when we speak. When our speech, behavior, etc. are uncomfortable, disturbing, or painful, it is our ‘disrespect’. We say that we should build a civilized society. It is not for the wealthy to build a civilized society. 
 We try our best to be gentle, decent. Learn how to eat, how to dress, how to speak, etc. However, it is not by learning, but by feeling and following. For this, self-discipline must be followed. Because being polite, is not about showing or influencing others. To make own-self good, humble.
Therefore, we need to change our attitude in order to make our speech readable and sound. We should act in a humane way, not with fear of saying something or being tempted by others. Behavior that does not cause harm to others. Behavior that does not offend others. Behavior that will not be a burden to others.
This requires positive thinking, contemplation. You need to be mindful of what others do, not what they do. Only then is civilization reflected.

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