Panic Attack

It can be really hard to explain to someone what it’s like dealing with a mental health issues. Today’s busy lifestyle does not have to changes on unnecessary things. However, the downside is that our lifestyle is getting stressful. Apart from a busy lifestyle, panic attacks are more likely to occur due to breakup, divorce, loneliness, stress of different things, fear and work.
People take these problems in their mind and start to panic. If they do not protect their heart in time then they will face serious situation in the future. There is no specific reason for a panic attack, but it is related to anxieties. Panic attack is some type of fear or phobia may also be the cause of the attack. In addition, panic attacks can also be caused by anxiety and depression.
Panic attack can occur in any situation. Such as when sleeping, resting, driving, walking, or working in the office. Panic attacks are also caused by the breakup, divorce, the death of your near and dear ones, hurt or frustrated (reasons for separation or fear of departure), some of the worst things or up and downs of life.
What person can have panic attack?
The people who have more responsibilities or have to do work or live in pressure in them it have more possibilities to suffer panic attack. Person who neglect their health, who have a lot of responsibilities, or who have a lot of stress, get panic attacks. People with illness such as asthma, blood pressure and diabetes can also have panic attacks.
What to do when panic attacks?
The person with panic attack should be kept in the open immediately. Person should unzip clothes, so that can breathe easier. Holding the person’s hand should comfort. If the victim does not feel relief for 2-3 minutes, person should be taken to the doctor as soon as possible. At the time of the attack, the victim should try to focus attention on one object. Muscle relaxation techniques such as long breaths also help control panic attack. People suffering from panic attack should be given cold water. It provides relief to the body and after a while, the heartbeat begins to normalize.
How to Avoid Panic Attacks?
It is important to understand that this is not a heart attack. Panic attack is temporary, which usually lasts a while and returns to normal. Focus your attention on ways to minimize this attack.
Occasionally a panic attack is caused by an accident, frustration, surprise, excitement and feeling lost. In this case, you should try to divert your attention away from them. To control these stresses, you need to close your eyes. Blood pressure and heart rate increase rapidly as the heartbeat begins to increase, sweating, and rhinitis are symptoms of panic attack. People around the victim should also consider these symptoms.
If someone around you has a panic attack, then you should work patiently and help the victim in such a situation. The person who has a panic attack should be taken to the doctor as soon as possible. This situation is certainly not dangerous but uncomfortable, it is not possible to manage it alone.
Special treatment is required for panic attack. You should do your checkup and consult with a good doctor. If necessary, with the help of a psychiatrist and counselor you should try to overcome the panic and panic habits.
MY Panic attack story
When I was 24, I lived alone in a sharing apartment in a Lucknow, India. I was talking on phone with my friend and he asked about me and my family. This question reminds me the loose of Dad, and when my heart started thumping. I noticed my I was unable to speak any more word, and my vision became blurry and eyes were full of tears. My heart seemed to pound even faster, even harder. I tried taking a deep breath to calm myself, but my breaths were sharp and shallow. “You’re dying wake up!!,” a voice I heard. “You are my strong child. This is the no any way to die.” Wake Up my child!!

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