Parents Vs Children (Virtual world)

Do you care? Today’s children are not so well integrated into the family, society. They have been euthanized. They spend hours sitting in the room. For this, they only have to have smart phones, laptops or any such device. So engrossed in the virtual world that she forgets self, family, everyone in community. Children, who are addicted to smart phones, including addiction, will find it difficult to connect with family, society.

This means that children are not just getting used to social media or various devices, they are getting involved. Simply put, they are getting stuck in its addiction. Addiction to anything is not good in itself. It drives them away from outside society. What is its complexity? These kids will being anti-social. They cannot even be integrated into the family. Unable to openly share emotions with family members. Can’t change  grief. They become the only prisoners inside the virtual world.
Look at unborn child, do they enjoy openly? Do they know about household chores? Are they involved in any social work? Have they made any friends on their own initiative? Do they engage in outdoor sports?
The answer to these questions is probably not positive. This means that the child is away from the family. The fault is our own. When we get home, hang out on Social medial. Enjoy on virtual world.  What we do, the child learns. Doesn’t suitability it how we hang onto mobile and tell them ‘don’t play mobile’. When we start to forget ourselves on mobiles, TVs, etc., there are no friends to talk to, play with them. Isn’t it better to play with your kids at home than to play mobile?
Spend as much time with your child as possible. They should be inspired by outdoor sports. Participate in social work. Have to do household chores. Limit access to mobiles, laptops, TVs and more. These things are not always so easy. So the parent should spend a lot of time with them.

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