“People live a little hope, a little confusion, a little imagination.”

Without illusions, fantasies and dreams, people would make many efforts to survive.

Someone is standing on the side of the road and selling vegetables. Someone is waiting for a car to go somewhere. Someone is searching for a job. All these people are in their own tune. Their eyes didn’t care much about the scene there. They have not paid much attention to their situation. Not knowing where I am, what state I’m in, what I’m doing. Instead, what will happen now? Where to get? What is this? All  are lost in curiosity.
People live in the fantasy of tomorrow, not in the present situation. People live up to their plans. The result of what we do and do is keep people optimistic. People live in hope.

“People live a little hope, a little confusion, a little imagination.”
Without illusions, fantasies and dreams, people would make many efforts to survive. That’s the thinking, imagination drives us to live for tomorrow.  We live to imagining that it will be done tomorrow. The idea that tomorrow will be so much money, buy something, make it healthier, pay off debt will keep us motivated to live. But think, tomorrow everything will be okay? Can all arrangements be reconciled? Can our problems be solved? Of course not!!
So we also need a little illusion to survive. If everything is clear, it is difficult for us to survive. In the coming days, we will have a lot of problems. Others may get stuck in debt, worsen homes, get worse health. However, we do not forget about all of this and are looking for ways to forget it. Finding an excuse to forget the reality of tomorrow is to live in the same delusion.
Everything imagines is an illusion until it actually transforms. Because what will happen after a while, what will be tomorrow nobody knows that. We can never be sure about tomorrow. We can guess, expect, and imagine what will happen tomorrow can’t say.
We’re not weird. One day you will die When is that one day We don’t know But, you know, one day we will die. Our age is fixed. Every person is getting closer to death every moment, hour, minute, hour.
There is suffering in life. But it is our imagination to put an end to our suffering. Today, we suffer and enjoy the golden fantasy of tomorrow. The dream always keeps people awake. If dreams were not for people, they would not wake up. The person who dreams, the person who sleeps out.
Imagination and delusion work well for some of us to forget our pain and suffering. At the same time, illusion and imagination can actually disconnect us. It does not give the full taste of life if it does not make sense or is always delusional and delusional. Does not enjoy living That is why spiritual teachers, thinkers talk about awareness. Awareness is to stay in that level of consciousness, where one’s existence and true sense are realized.
Spirituality is the science that shows people how to be truly engaged. So it is not always okay to be delusional.

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