Relationships with parents are artificial and deceptive.

Children are building distance with parents.

Mothers show the world to children. Father identifies the world. However, after being able to live in that world, children forget about their parents. In this rush life, for many children, parents are ‘burdened’. To relieve this burden, they leave their parents in old age home. Yesterday, those who used to feel safe and happy when wrapped in their parents’ chests, today feel uncomfortable living with their parents. Children are building distance with parents.

It is said that parents forget their present for the future of their children. Children suffer for the sake of their children by keeping their wishes and expectations. Hide their pain and seek the happiness of their children. Parents are people who want to see their children succeed, be happy, and prosper.
How did parents raise their children yesterday? Parents may have fed your children with a hungry stomach. Parents may have forgotten taste and enjoyed children’s taste. Parents look for their future with their children’s eyes. As more and more children grow up, they gradually begin to feel abandoned by their parents. When they were younger, they thought, ‘My parents are the best in the world. My parents are the most kind. My parents are the best. However, as children grow older, their perceptions also change. Their parents begin to feel weak and helpless. Older children begin to forget the love, dedication, and reverence of their parents. They are always in a rushing their own world. They don’t want to talk to their parents.
Even now parents are starting to feel like a stranger. From time to time the meeting and formalities have begun. Relationships with parents are artificial and deceptive.
In our culture, parents are like God. The first responsibility of the offspring is to make parents happy. Just like the parents who raised us yesterday with honor, respect, reverence and with no limits of love.
As parents get older, their strength, appetite goes down. Unable to work, at the same time, the disease begins to spread. Medication and treatment are required. In old age, the desires of the people do not remain. Can’t do what they want, can’t go where they want. In this case, they need the strong and loving support of their children.

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