Religion illusion

It’s a year I am working with inter-religious networks. I get so close to all religions theory. Every religion has its own “religious book”.  The common thing every religious used to share with me is………

So many people are now living in religion illusion. They influence a certain religions and defense to a certain religion to give up. Taking advantage of weak understanding of religion and taking this scheme. Therefore, they are being straightforward, devious. Why such a trick in the name of religion? Before you answer it, it is advisable to understand something about religion.

I’ve changed my religion. ‘People say it so easily that suppose’ religion ‘is clothes. What is ‘religion’? In this regard, their assumption is not correct. If you understand religion correctly, then there is no such thing as ‘conversion’.

Religion that is, the work you do by true way.  All your truth is religion, which is combined by your labor, honesty, truth. That is, religion is following positive thing.  And your life will be simple and easy. No need to weave too much about religion. Understanding it in one word, religion is good deeds. It is also your religion to stick to the truth.

If you understand the meaning of these things in a formal way, you will benefit from them. Because all these laws will purify your mind and body. These are not religions in themselves. But, the way to go religion.  In what ways did you perform your birth, marriage, etc.? Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim. In fact, what we are calling religion is not religion, it is method. It is a system of directing the truth and the balance.  It is a system of improving our lives. These methods flow in a systematic and disciplined way, and we can live our lives in the right and balanced way. These ways show how to seek the beauty of life by connecting with the pastoral world.

Clearly, religion is not a matter of forming, making, changing, abusing, and spreading. Religion is the virtue of selflessness. What we do and what we do best for everyone is religion. The ‘religion’ that is now being preached is not a religion but a tool for factionalism. Someone is doing politics using these weapons. Some are doing business. Some are bringing divisions among different communities.

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