something that should be kept secret from another person

Of course, we say,
it should be like an open book. 

Of course, we say, it should be like an open book. Everyone will see it. However, in our practical life, there are some things we must take into account. Practicing privacy is not a matter of being open to others, of course, of hiding something from others. That’s what I mentioned here, something that should be kept secret from another person.
It is said that you should not expose all the secrets of life to your best friend. Because in the coming days, our relationship with those friends can deteriorate. Then they know our privacy. Our home state, health, weakness, background all know, which can be dangerous in itself.
We tell our friends everything what is going in the family. You open your sign, everything in the relationship. Not only have that, you tell the family situation, status, mutual conflicts, mistrusted. This can put us in trouble tomorrow. Do not open everything about the problems of the house, the condition of the house.  It shows your weakness.
Sometimes in life you have to suffer disrespect. If someone insults, then must face it. It is best to resist if possible. However, you should not share your insults with others. It is good to keep a secret of how you have been humiliated and who you have insulted. Telling others about their insults in order to gain sympathy from others makes the feelings of others in their minds become weaker.
We have many things in mind. However, you should not go around telling others what you have in mind. In this way, when we open  minds to others, our psychology, our intellect, our perception of everything else becomes known. So they can make us feel vulnerable.
We are not perfect at all. You don’t know everything. There are some weaknesses. However, we should not preach about our weaknesses or inadequacies. It is good to keep such things secret or secret. If we explain our weaknesses, others try to exert their influence on us by dwelling on the same weaknesses. Therefore, such things involve the adoption of privacy.
How much money do you have? How are you earning wealth? How Do You Save Money? Telling these things to anyone is likely to lead to a potential crisis.
Keeping wealth secret is as good as possible. This does not mean that others will ask for a loan because of your wealth. There are other reasons. No need to disclose the wealth you have to your friends and relatives. 
Now it is customary to photograph what is happening to us.  If you owe something to others, it is photographed and promoted on social media. We don’t even know who is looking our life. We ourselves open private life.   

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