The problem is you, all of us.

That is, we cannot be completely free from problems. Why? Because our aspirations, desires,  plans can get us into trouble. Therefore, we cannot live without desires, aspirations, desires and plans. We plan to do something. You want to be something. It is in this race that we encounter problems. There are no people in the world who are free from problems.  Has no problem. Someone has a that, oh!! that person have that, we all have than and this problem. 
In fact, we are born with problems. Being born is also a problem. To be born is to enter into this worldly life. We cannot live alone and in secular life. Here you have to live in a variety of interests, desires, goals, relationships, realms. It is at this point that we start to see problems. It can be stressed that you are not completely free of problems. Some kind of problem, small or large, easy or complex, surrounds you. And, every day you try to get out of that problem, tangle it up. Even more, the battle of your life is the only way to escape from that problem. Your routine is about dealing with the same problem.
With your efforts, you solve your problem. Or push it away. But by now, another problem may have overtaken you. Now let’s start dealing with another problem. At any rate you surpass it. However, you are no longer completely free from problems. Some problems may be affecting you.
There is only one way to overcome the problem, to deal with the problem. We cannot get to a safe place by running away from a problem. The more run away, the worse it gets. When we deal with problems. When we look for the right solution. Problems teach us to live. It also senses the true taste of life. Problems are what get people to the right place. So there is no point in feeling sad, grieving, discouraged about having a problem. Everyone has a problem. Everyone is having problems in their lives
Think, do you see any achievement in life completely free of problems? Why are we afraid of problems only? Why be sad? How many problems are solved by selves? How do I solve such a problem?
Our problems will never be solved. We are always chasing after some kind of problem. However, when you can find a creative solution to the problem, the golden door of opportunity opens. So there is no point in being sad that there is a problem. There is no point in being frustrated that there is a problem. The problem is you, all of us. 

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