The sparkle;whole purity – complete life

Dear “Khadus”I really love you! I know you are doing really well in your life. I know you well enough.
Khadus, I am worried about you. People don’t realize how sensitive you are but you can’t blame them; you act happy so flawlessly. You can literally trick everyone in believing that you are okay even when you are not. In the valley of desperation, you know how to control your tears and then burst it all out when you are alone. You are a strong men, and babu it is okay to share, it is okay to show your soft side to some people. Obviously they might not be as understanding but they can actually surprise you. So open up babu; it is okay to talk when you are hurt.
Babu, you are well built. Out of my life meeting people on the earth, I have never seen anyone as powerful as you are. I cannot explain how delighted I am that I got a chance to meet a person like you. You are the kindest and the coolest person.
Don’t ever doubt that you are strong. Look at the mirror and see the clear smile that you always wear. Don’t let anyone or anything snatch that away because it really is priceless. I know you don’t like your straightness but babu, anyone would stay with your whole purity. You really have the pure soul of eyes. Babu, you never thought that you were cool to fit in but the truth is you are the coolest. You are the one who adopted me when I was dissolved in anxiety. You are the one who pull me up when I was all alone in Life Street. Is there anything you would not do to make this world a beautiful place? As far as I know, you will do everything to help those in need. You are the kindest person. So, ignore those people who try to bring you down. If you can, have sympathy for them.
You had dreams. Where it lost? Babu, I know that this thing still hurts you, but please let it go. Your parents love you, and they don’t even have the faintest of idea that you were really hurt by their actions. You will have to let go of it.  All they want is your happiness.
Babu, you should know your worth. Those people you have left none of them were for you. They don’t have what it takes to be your. They never deserved you, so stop thinking that whether it was you who wasn’t worthy enough to receive their love. You have grown into such a purel human being. You don’t know how amazing person you are. That person left you just because you were too ambitious to handle. They are all lame.
Do you remember the time when I forced you to live together? We had such a nice time together. All that late night talks we had. Every day when you came home, I would instantly know whether you were happy or sad. Every time, when somebody hurt you, you would ask “if you were a bad person?”, and I would always answer, “You are a pure soul person.”

Look at the world from where you stand, because at the moment, no one but you can see what you see. I am sure that you agree with me that each and every person sees the world differently and from a different angle.
Babu, not every person in this world has a heart as big as yours. You are always willing to do things for people, but please remember that not many will do the same for you. In such situations, rise higher and let go of the sadness. There definitely will be people who will try to bring you down but never ever fall in that trap. Don’t let any other people’s activity stop you from being the best person you can be. Don’t stop being pure. Don’t stop dreaming. Your dreams and your actions make you, and always, always remember that I and everyone who are with loves you.
Sometimes, when you need inspiration in your life-whether for love, success, or work. See the world correctly and you will become more confident. You should be grateful for all of these differences. Our differences make the world a very interesting place.
Babu just remember “a little hope, a little confusion, a little imagination, a little ups and down and whole purity; complete life.”

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