We are all scared.

Childhood trauma-as adverse childhood experiences and peoples understand rolls in directly childhood physical abuse,parent treated violently, parental pressure. But did we ever think about the most common scared of us all. The childhood things which were said by our parents don’t do or go to dark, if you go you will saw ghost.  This thing even now also scares me. I know there is nothing but it’s in my mindset which was fitted in my childhood.
We are all scared. The type of fear varies with age. The reasons for fear are also different. However, in the context of fear, it is because of our childhood experience. Yeah!! Childhood experience.
Most people are scared when lightning] flashes, earthquakes, overcrowding, even when the high flow of water. We are discussing some of those reasons. Why?
This fearing or scaring starts from childhood, likewise, are afraid of losing their. Every person is different from one another. Their personality does not even match each other. Every person way of thinking is different. So they react in different ways. Fear can develop through childhood discipline instructions. Children are afraid of loud noises, dark, a watery depth, bizarre shapes, even colors etc. From the very beginning, parents need to know what their children are afraid of.
In fact, fear of something is hidden in a person. Likewise, everyone experiences fear. There is also the need for fear in people, because fear can protect a person from potential danger. At birth, fear software fits into brain. As a child grows fear and mood changes and starts afraid of something. When children are raised in a family where there are only unhealthy expressions of anger, they grow up believing that anger is unacceptable. What happens if you can’t express your anger?
Parents should pay close attention to every child’s behavior and activities from an early age, or fear of childhood causes serious psychological problems as phobia. In which a person is irrationally afraid of anything.
Every parent is responsible for doing the right thing by giving their children opportunities and setting them up for success. Parents’ behavior, personality, and surroundings also have a profound effect on children. In some cases, children learn to be scared even when someone is scared at home. Therefore, in spite of the scary situation, children should keep their behavior in check. Before we can overcome their fears, we need to be fearless ourselves. Children should not be left alone while watching television. If children are frightened by a scene, they should be reminded that logically everything shown on television is not true. It is best to keep children away from horror films or serials.
Only a parent’s effort does not remove the child’s fears in a moment.


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