We should be grateful for what we receive.

 control the mind, not body

What is destroying society most now? What is disrupting social harmony? What is disrupting mutual love and reconciliation?

One answer is doubt.
Doubt is also a state of unhealthy or corrupted mind. Doubtful apprehension is frightening in itself. Doubt separates people, it is like a poison that breaks any relation.
Hate does not end with hatred. This requires love. Love needs love to end hatred. This is the eternal truth.Don’t exaggerate what you have. Also do not be jealous of others. Those who envy others will never have peace of mind.
It doesn’t matter where we are, all in the same situation. Humans are different in appearance.Trend varies. Behavior is different. Thinking is different. Ideal varies. It is foolish to look after everyone as yourself.
Don’t worry about the past. Let us not regret the past. Let us strive to make the present better. Learn to live life centered on the present. Don’t be afraid of the future. The future will never be intimidated by the present.
All bad things come from the mind. However, when the mind is kept under control, the mind is guided in the path of the life policy, the body does nothing wrong. So, let us control the mind, not body. Everything in life is not what we want. You must be content with what is available. We should be grateful for what we receive.

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