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  Why be scared of somebody who’s not even a part of your life? We have just one life, you know? And if we think about other people’shappiness in that one life.. then when will we live for our own happiness? You don’t owe an explanation to anybody. You just have to accept yourself. The only explanation you owe is to yourself and if you feel something is ‘ right then it is right’. Love yourself, accept yourself the you are.

            I had a job, a college degree, successful status in my around people and so successful  daughter too. But no body knows I’m a failed human, I failed so many times that I lost count, too depress go to work. My life is complete failure. Why be in a successful profession and a failed life? You feel like that because your profession (working, living life style) is governed by the society. Don’t think so much. You know what you want right? You know what gives you happiness. We did everything to be happy. And if we are not happy what we doing then we started to seek for happiness elsewhere. It’s my right.Why do I stop running, Why do I stop follow dreams. Something so beautiful, so peaceful, something that is mine. Why do we give up that things we loved just because people criticized ? You, me and we are all incomplete people. The way we is part of actually who you am are. And I shouldn’t be embarrassed about any part of me. “Ever”. I have to go somewhere else , where I belong.

” Do I think I’ll be able to be happy

 after making so many people sad? Can I keep other’s 

happy be making myself sad?”

            I was running, to find me, trying to find out the place where i belong, but those flash backsI’ve hurt so many people, to be happy. Do I think I’ll be able to be happy after making so many people sad? Can I keep other’s happy be making myself sad? But I I want to be truly happy, so have to bear sorrow for a while. Pain is the only truth. So I’m in it.  Finding solution for future in the past is not the answer. If something wasn’t right then there was a reason behind it. The idea is not to fix it, but to move on. A fresh start, a new beginning. Don’t look happiness in the trash on of old memories. We have no choice but to make new ones. Even a happy memory makes sad when we remember it.
         All the win on scared of me, so successful failed life, that pain of flash backs. I finally found me. Everyday I’m falling more in love with the women I’m becoming, the dreams I’m pursuing and the legacy I’ll be leaving.When I think about all the hurts, pain, regret, deceit and struggle I’ve endured, it makes me even more grateful to be standing, dancing, and running down this path now.

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