“Why not use what we have inside ourselves?”

Every day brings with you the same challenges and opportunities. So we need to focus on how to make the present moment meaningful. It is said that if the beginning of the day is started with humor and happiness, positive emotions remain in the mind. The way we start the day has an effect throughout the day. Every morning when we get up, the body is healed. The mind is clear, Not tired, No stress. Yes, it is in this moment that we can make ourselves happy. Do something every day that makes you feel happy. Like listening to music, eating your favorite food, cooking, walking. Whatever you like to do.

“Why not use what we have inside ourselves?”

When we are happy, it has an effect on everyone who comes before us.  It creates positive emotions in the mind. This positive spirit produces energy. So being happy has a deep connection to health. Often people who are happy are not at risk for certain diseases. There is no risk of heart disease from anxiety, stress, depression, high blood pressure.
People stay positive when happy. Being positive also means longevity. We are happy when we are optimistic about life. It keeps us motivated to do something in life. Optimistic people also look for opportunities in every challenge. This is the quality that drives them forward. Mental disorders such as stress and depression are reduced. Mental disorders have a direct impact on the immune system. Therefore, the smiling person also has more ability to fight the disease.

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