“Will you back to your EX ?”

Your love affair breaks down. Now you have made your mistake. You started to burn it inside. The melting began. Feeling overwhelmed. Weaknesses detected. Later you deliberately asked, ‘What really caused us to break up?’ You begin to examine the causes. And, don’t get any results. That is, the reason does not find anything. As the general misunderstanding escalated, the two of you became divided. Dispute over. And, the two abandoned each other.
“Will you back to your EX ?”
Good luck to you, at the reunion. Accepting and correcting each other’s mistakes and weaknesses as you reunite. Your relationship goes a step further. It makes your love cord even stronger. Juicy too. Because tomorrow’s the day will not be such a small thing for you. Because you have learned a lesson from past event. It means, you’re more mature. Your relationship grew stronger.
But Wait!!… We make some decisions emotionally. Such decisions are not correct. Therefore, such decisions need to be reconsidered. So once a broken relationship can be restored?  After this the connection becomes longer? What is important to note when arriving here again? Will relationship flow smooth?
After all this we even In the after of a broken relationship, some may not forget old memories. Want to reunite with EX partner. However, another partner does not approve it. They are trying to forget all the old things. But wait again… what we do with knowing all this stuff can’t stop self to intimate. This leads you to move on and born new expectations.
Common!! If not any idea to reunite then why to stay with little fame of expectation. 

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