Yesterday, it’s over!!

“Let us not be in the mistakes,we made yesterday.
Whatever happened yesterday, it’s over.”

Perhaps there is the best of you when you realise all the distance you travelled and the times you conquered flying in the immaculate sky with the blowing winds of aspirations. You probably had your beginning and most of you had already landed in an area where you wish to create your own home, family, children and future, after all. Many of you do not know whether it was your destiny but still you cheer your life because you know how desperately you flew with times to reach there. How hard your journey be, you probably might have a reason to smile and yes, it is divine to see you gleam your eyes. 


Sometimes we feel burdened with our own lives. Sometimes we are more sensitive to our lives. Sometimes we are just so terrified of life.

In the morning, you open your eyes and start thinking about life. How to make life, how to make you tend to indulge in something similar. Life goes on. However, we are afraid of the declining life. The sense that nothing is done in life is shocking. Some of the desires, aspirations that are unfulfilled are being upsetting us. Doing so, knowing that this should not be done, makes the mind unstable. Are we becoming more sensitive to life or more serious.
It is not appropriate to take life very seriously. It is not necessary to be unnecessarily alert and cautious about life. Once old, the desire to enjoy everything is also making life complicated.
Why do we feel sad? Why are we are frustrated? Why are we nervousBecause we expect more from our own lives and it didn’t happen, we complained that it wasn’t done. These things have made our own life seem cumbersome and difficult. and make more complicated than you need. So we are not comfortable living life.
The simpler and easier the life, the easier it is for us to live. Let us understand life in general. Let’s try to live simple. We will not be harassed by unnecessary fears, stresses, or anxieties .Right now we do not have to be afraid for tomorrow.  We haven’t seen yet. Why be afraid of tomorrow?
Let us not be in the mistakes, made yesterday. Whatever happened yesterday, it’s over. The weaknesses of yesterday can be rectified today. Let’s keep that in mind yesterday is over.
Why give a burden to the mind? Why Fear Needless Fears?
Live in the present. The present is the past and the future. Let’s make today better. Learn to enjoy the present; learn to live in the present. Don’t let life be the burden of unnecessary stress.
Let’s not think life too seriously. Let’s not have too many aspirations. Let’s try to be simple. The simpler we are, the easier the life is.

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